2012 Public Opinion Poll Results

An opinion poll conducted in September 2012 by Third Eye Strategies found that New Mexico voters strongly support protection for the Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks and that Doña Ana County residents show overwhelming support for such protection. The following is a summary of the study’s findings, which are from a survey of 500 registered votes in Doña Ana County and 500 registered voters in all of new Mexico outside of Doña Ana County.

  • Voters have strong awareness of the proposed Organ Mountains‐Desert Peaks National Monument and they solidly support it. In Doña Ana County, 83 percent support the proposal while only a tiny minority (10 percent) oppose it. This support extends statewide with a 82 percent to 10 percent margin. Voters across the state, regardless of region or party affiliation, come together on this question. No significant opposition to this proposal exists among any segment of the electorate.
  • Voters don’t just support the abstract concept of the Organ Mountains‐Desert Peaks National Monument; they support the specifics of what it covers. The strongest level of support comes when voters know that the proposal protects the Organ Mountains, Butterfield Stagecoach Trail, Apollo space mission test sites, Geronimo’s Cave, and  hundreds of archaeological sites, as well as the Sierra de Las Uvas, Robledo, and Potrillo Mountains.