Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument Fact Sheet

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Why Protect Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks as a National Monument?

Cultural, Historical and Natural Values

Doña Ana County is celebrated for its incredible wild lands and history. It is loved for its natural wonders, such as the peaks of the Organ Needles and the southwestern Chihuahuan Desert. It is a cultural haven for its petroglyph-lined canyons of the Sierra de las Uvas Mountains and well-known western historical figures and events including Billy the Kid, Geronimo, the Butterfield Stagecoach route, and even training for the Apollo Space Program and World War II bomber pilots and crews. Doña Ana County is where the Camino Real meets the American West.

Good for Our Economy

The Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks as a National Monument will keep attracting visitors, tourists, new residents and businesses. Recent research found that national monuments added millions of dollars to the economies of communities close to them, and added hundreds of new jobs in addition to increasing per capita income. Due to its natural beauty and historical and cultural icons, Las Cruces has already been recognized as one of the “best places” on:

  • AARP’s 2010 “Best Places to Retire”
  •’s most “Playful City USA”
  • 50 Motorcoach Destinations in the United States
  • Top Destination for facilities and conventions
  • US News & World Report’s “10 Cities for Real Estate Steals”

What Is In The Organ Mountains-Desert Peaks National Monument?

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Historical and Cultural Features

  • More than 22 miles of the Butterfield Stage Trail
  • Kilbourne Hole National Historic Landmark
  • Billy the Kid’s Outlaw Rock
  • Geronimo’s Cave
  • 243 known archeological sites
  • Estimated 5000+ unknown archaeological sites
  • Apollo Astronaut Training Sites
  • Original US/Mexico border from Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo (Changed by Gadsden Purchase)
  • Historic World War II Aerial Targets
  • Shelter and Conklin’s Caves, Rich in pre-history

Special Lands

  • Organ Mountains
  • Potrillo Volcanic Field
  • Kilbourne Hole & Aden Lava Flow
  • Robledo Mountains
  • Sierra de Las Uvas Mountains
  • Fragile Chihuahuan Desert Grasslands

Local Conservation Supporters

  • Cities of Las Cruces, Mesilla, and El Paso
  • Las Cruces Green Chamber of Commerce
  • High Tech Consortium of Southern New Mexico
  • Las Cruces League of Women Voters
  • Ysleta del Sur Pueblo
  • Southwest Consolidated Sportsmen
  • Local and state historians, archeologists, and cultural preservation experts